Order your taxi from your iPhone !


Order in a few clicks

Geotracking of your address and of available taxis in your area

Estimating the time of arrival of the closest taxi

Shortcuts POI (Stations/ Airports, home)

Booking for later by changing the date and time of departure 


Garanteed Maximum Price Pricing

Garanteed Maximum Price prevents you from any unexpected price change

Get the best price between the taximeter and the estimated maximum price


Choose your payment solution

Automatic payment - by credit card debit, 100% secured with 3DS system

Card on board - All our taxis are equipped with a terminal bank for credit cards


Wide range of vehicles

Taxis Verts - 500 eco-friendly vehicles with low CO2 gas emission (hybrid and electric taxis)

First Class Taxis - 500 prestigious taxis with VIP services on board

CPAM Taxis - 600 authorized taxis free of charge with the third-party payer system

XL Taxis - Vans et Monospaces from 5 to 7 seats

Other options - white stick, front seat, pets 


Real-time tracking

Approch of your taxi live on the map

SMS received when your taxi arrives at the meeting point



Rate your journey at the end of the ride

Leave a comment to share your experience on board



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